Fall Risk Reduction
Jerry Fisher - Physical Therapist
I put
The Patient
in the center of the way I practice my rehabilitation skills.
Reducing your risk for falls makes sense. This is how I can help you.
I start with a basic evaluation of your medical risk factors. Using such tools as:
* Medical History and Discussion of Risk Factors
* Falls Efficacy Scale
* Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale
* Other Applicable Tests and Measures
Next we perform some basic tests to determine your current level of physical risk factors that might prevent more advanced testing. This will include such tests as:
* Timed Up and Go
* Six-minute Gait test on the Biodex Gait Trainer Treadmill
* 30-Second Chair Stand Test
* Berg Balance Scale
* Four Step Square Test
* Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment: Balance Test, Gait Test
* Figure "8" Walk Test
* Dynamic Gait Index
* Postural Stability Test on the Biodex Balance System SD
* Limits of Stability Test on the Biodex Balance System SD
If there has been no loss of balance or indication of a high risk for falls to this point, we will proceed to the more advanced testing, including:
* The Fall Risk Assessment Test on the Biodex Balance System SD
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